Language Schools in Paris

Paris, Paris
Have 1-on-1 French lessons online with an experienced tutor. <br> <br> Just fill in one form and we’ll pick a teacher that best matches your needs.
Paris, Paris
Paris est une ville multiculturelle avec beaucoup d’anglophones. Prenez des leçons avec un tuteur privé pour se sentir plus à l’aise.
Paris, Paris
Want to get along with the locals in France? Take private lessons with a French tutor in Paris. We work with some of the best in the city and they're available to teach you now.
Kingsworth International School, 56 rue de Passy, 75016 Paris, Paris
Tailor-made French lessons for residents, expats and students.
Paris, Paris
Need private lessons with an English teacher? Well look no further, we work with some of the best in Paris and they're available to teach you now.
150 rue Legendre, Paris
Language learning through eLearning. <br> Come visit and try.
Paris, Paris
Learn French while you experience the fashion, art, history, romance, and above all, European sophistication that is found in Paris. Greenheart Travel's language school program in France will allow you to be immersed in the culture while you perfect your ...
101, boulevard Raspail, Paris
71, bis rue de Vaugirard, Paris
75 boulevard Haussmann, Paris
7, rue Duvergier, Paris
8, villa Ballu, Paris
18 rue Martin Bernard, Paris
32 rempart de l'Est, Paris
34 rue de Trévise, Paris

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