Language Meetings in Czech Republic

Hungarian meetings

Brno, Czech Republic
Hungarian group for mainly Hungarians, but if anyone is interested in this weird but unique language and culture, or just want to draw a fellow Hungarian's attention to it this is where we can be found.
The group is not just for 10 million home-grown ...

Swedish speakers in Brno

Brno, Czech Republic
We're looking for more Swedish speakers to join our group, as they seem to be extremely rare in Brno!
Thank you :)

English in Brno - Angličtina v Brně

Brno, Czech Republic
For everyone who speaks, learns or teaches English in Brno. Let's get together, learn and share and make our stay here more fun.

Polish speakers' meeting in Brno - Polskojęzyczne spotkania w Brnie

Brno, Czech Republic
Do you speak/learn Polish and want to speak this language with other Polish speakers? Feel invited to the Polish speakers' meetings!
Join our meetings, drink some beer/wine etc. with us and have fun speaking Polish. It doesn't matter if you are beginner ...

Multilingual meeting

Brno, Czech Republic
At the entrance you'll get flags for the languages you want to speak. You don't have to speak the languages well - come and have fun socializing even if you know just a couple of phrases or you think that you've forgotten everything.


Brno, Czech Republic
U Lasa restaurant
DIRECTIONS: stop Zdráhalova (tram 5 from Ceska or Mendlovo namesti)

Português em Praga - Portuguese in Prague - Portugalština v Praze

Prague, Czech Republic
grupo para todos os que querem ficar juntos a falar português, festas de cozinha ou outros relacionados com a língua e cultura portuguesas

Česko-německá kavárna

Prague, Czech Republic
Czech-German kavárna is an association of friends of the Czech and German culture, which meets every Monday and organizes various events. The only requirement for anyone interested in our meetings is to speak at least a bit of Czech and German.

Visit ...

Українською в Брно | Ukrajinsky v Brně | Ukrainian in Brno

Brno, Czech Republic
For everyone, who wants to (learn how to) speak Ukrainian. Please, don't hesitate to join us!

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